Download Latest version of Aim Carrom Pool for PC

Download Latest version of Aim Carrom Pool for PC


4.5 | v2.8.1

Additional Information

NameAim Carrom Pool for PC
InstallationsOver 100,000
File Size8.3 MB
 Supported Operating SystemsWindows (any version) and Mac
Best EmulatorsBegin with BlueStacks, and if required, then try to use Nox

AIM Carrom pool for PC windows 10\8\7

Method 1

To get Aim Carrom Pool on your Windows 10/8/7 laptop, you can use a popular tool called Bluestacks. Bluestacks works like a connector, letting you use Android apps on your Windows computer or Mac. Here’s an easy guide to help you put Aim Carrom Pool on your PC using Bluestacks.

Download Bluestacks

Go to the official Bluestacks website ( and download the version that matches your Windows operating system.

Set up Bluestacks

Once you get the file, find it on your computer and double-click to start installing.

Launch Bluestacks

After installation, open Bluestacks on your Windows PC. It could take a little time, so just wait patiently.

Search for Aim Carrom Pool

In the Bluestacks interface, find the search bar. Type “Aim Carrom” and press Enter or click on the search icon.

Select the App

Bluestacks will search the Play Store for the Aim Carrom app. Once you find it, choose the right app from the list.

Install the App

Click the “Install” button, and Bluestacks will start downloading and installing Aim Best Carrom on your Windows PC.

After you install it

Find the Aim Carrom app on the Bluestacks home screen or in the “My Apps” section.

Launch the App

Click on the app icon to start Aim Carrom and enjoy playing the game on your Windows PC.

Now, just click twice on the app icon in Bluestacks, and you can begin using the Aim carrom app on your laptop. It operates just like it does on your Android or iOS device.

If you have an APK file, there’s an option in Bluestacks to bring it in. This means you don’t need to visit the Google Play store to put in the game. However, it’s usually better to stick to the usual method for installing any Android apps.

The newest version of Bluestacks has some fantastic features. Bluestacks4 is even 6 times faster than a Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone. So, it’s recommended to use Bluestacks to install Aim Carrom apk on your PC. Just make sure your PC meets the minimum requirements for Bluestacks, or you might have trouble with games like PUBG.

Method 2

Another popular Android emulator that’s gaining attention lately is MEmu Play. It’s very versatile, quick, and designed specifically for gaming. Let’s see how to download Aim Carrom Apk on your PC with Windows 10, 8, or 7 using MemuPlay.

Follow these steps to get Aim Best for Carrom Pool on your PC using MemuPlay

Download MemuPlay

Start by getting MemuPlay on your computer. You can get it from the official Memu Play website (insert website link).

Install MemuPlay

Once the emulator is downloaded, open it and double-click on the icon to start the installation.

Launch MemuPlay

After installation, open MemuPlay on your PC. It may take a little while for the emulator to start up the first time.

Search for Aim Carrom

In the MemuPlay interface, look for a search bar at the top-right corner. Type “Aim Carrom” and press Enter.

Choose the App

MemuPlay will search the Play Store for Aim Carrom. Once found, pick the right app from the list.

Install the App

Click the “Install” button, and MemuPlay will start downloading and installing Aim Carrom on your Windows PC.

MemuPlay is a user-friendly app that won’t slow down your device, and it’s uncomplicated, especially compared to Bluestacks. It’s crafted particularly. for gaming, making it enjoyable to play popular games like PUBG, Mini Militia, Temple Run, and more.

Questions people often ask

To enjoy Aim Carrom on your computer, you need a Windows system (like Windows 7, 8, or 10), a decent processor, at least 2GB of RAM, and a graphics card that’s compatible with the game.

Aim Carrom for PC lets you play either when you’re not online or when you are. You can have fun playing against computer opponents or join in multiplayer mode with friends on the same network.

Yes, you can play with friends on Aim Carrom for PC. You can connect online or set up a local network to play exciting carrom matches against each other.

In Aim Carrom for PC, you can usually customise various game aspects such as difficulty, the appearance of the board, the design of the striker, and the sounds. Just check the game options or settings to see what you can change according to your preference.

Final verdict

Many people appreciate Aim Carrom because it’s very user-friendly. I’ve explained two good methods to install Aim Carrom on your Windows laptop. Many people like both of these ways of using apps on a computer. You can choose either one to get Aim Carrom on your Windows 10 PC.

This wraps up our article on downloading Aim Carrom on PC. If you have questions or problems with installing emulators or Aim Carrom on Windows, just tell us in the comments. We’re here to help!

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