How do I add and remove friends in the mastering game Aim Carrom Pool?

How to Remove Friends in Carrom Pool?

Follow the tips in the guide and remove unimportant people from your friends list!

Playing with friends is easy and having a list of friends is important for a better online gaming experience. If you want to connect with your friends or family members, it is best to log in to the sport through your FB or Gmail account. This way, you can easily play with your chosen friends. Carrom Pool also offers a visitor mode.

This is a great option if you want to keep your identity private. Using the guest mode, you can play Carrom pool or 8 Ball pool without revealing your identity. Even if you are in the visitor mode of Carrom Pool, you can still connect to your friends and have them on your buddy list.

How to Remove Friends in Aim Carrom Pool?

You can easily remove or unfriend anyone by following these easy steps:

Go to the bottom of your screen and select the friend list.

Then, click on the pencil option on the top right side of your phone screen.

Once you have clicked on the pencil, you will be given the option to remove someone from the friend list.

Follow the same steps to add new friends to play with. You can also send the invite to your loved ones on Facebook to download this awesome game on their phones from the Google Play Store.

Reconnect with a friend on Aim Carrom. Send a new friend request easily!

To add friends:

Open the Aim Carrom game on your device.

Look for the option “Add Friends” or something similar.

Check the app or platform for a function called “Add Friends” or something similar.

Enter your friend’s user name or unique identifier.

Initiate a friend request to the specified user.

Once the friend request is accepted, the user will be added to your friend list.

How to Beat Friends in Carrom Pool

If you want to beat your friends at Carrom Pool, you need to use different strategies. Improve your game by practicing different shots such as bank shots, corner shots, cushion shots, etc. To master these techniques, you need to practice them regularly.

If you want to move faster, you can download Aim Carrom. Aim Carrom is a tool that helps you aim the puck accurately, giving you the advantage to pot all pucks in one move.

How to Add & Remove Friends in Mastering game Carrom Pool?

Weekly Leaderboards winnings not counting

There are a few reasons why you may not see your winnings on the leaderboards:

They may not show up on the leaderboard if you play against friends You may not be able to see your winnings if you play the same player more than once in a leaderboard week Your winnings may not show up if you play in a country other than the country where your account is not registered

If the country where you’re logged in changes during the week compared to where you started.

This affects players who have moved to another country or used a VPN to change their location. It is important to make sure that the country setting stays the same for the whole week to count the winnings on the leaderboard. Please note that we are unable to manually change the country setting. It is set automatically based on the device’s location or settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, it’s easy to remove someone from your friend list and you can do it by following the steps we mentioned above.

You are not allowed or permitted to form a team to work together against the third party in Carrom Pool.

If you want to get the most out of your Carrom Pool shots, you’ll need to practice regularly and dedicate some time each day to perfecting your techniques. You can improve your Carrom Pool skills and improve your gameplay with regular practice sessions.

Maria is a well-known and well-regarded expert in the field of AIM carrom pool. Maria is well-regarded in the field of carrom pool.

Don’t worry, it’s not a bug or a glitch, it works the same for everyone and every account. We understand how fun it is to play high stakes games with friends, but after a lot of thought, we realized that this system was prone to misuse, so we decided to limit the number of tables that can be used for challenges Currently, you can only issue challenges until the Istanbul Bazaar where you can win 10,000 coins


Following this step-by-step guide will make it easy for you to unfriend anyone on your friend list. This will help you get rid of people who aren’t relevant or you don’t care about anymore. Use these steps to make your friend list easier to manage and make your gaming experience more focused.

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