A beginner’s guide to winning Aim Carrom Pool Arena with legendary strikers and pucks.

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Carrom Pool is an Indian board game that’s turned into a digital sensation. It’s one of the most dynamic and exciting games you can play. But as you play more and more, you’ll come across a crucial aspect that takes your game to a whole new level: legendary strikers and pucks.

These in-game goodies aren’t just visual upgrades. They give you strategic advantages and a level of finesse you’ve never seen before. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to get legendary striker and puck in Carrom Pool.

Carrom pool Strikers buy

  • Every new striker Boosts your Force, Aim, and Time.
  • Choose your favorite striker and continue to purchase it.
  • The force increases the power and speed of your shots. Aim determines the length of your aiming guide. Time determines the maximum time you can fire.

The Attraction of Legendary Striker

The legendary Strikers in Carrom pool are the best in terms of power and accuracy. These amazing Strikers have better stats than the ordinary Strikers. They are great at three things that control the game flow:


Legendary Strikers land killer shots and power up your Striker. This leads to easy postings, clearing the board with less strokes and controlling the game.


The Aiming Guide is your visual guide to help you plan your shots strategically. Legendary Striker’s extend the length of this guide so you have more time to carefully plan your next shot. This improved accuracy helps you plan your potting strategically and reduces the risk of missed shots.


As the shot clock approaches the limit, the pressure builds. Legendary Striker allows you more time to line up your shot, so you don’t have to make a hasty decision that could jeopardize your strategy.

Unlocking Legendary Greatness

If you want to get Legendary Strikers, you need to strategize and understand the different ways to get them. Here’s a breakdown of how to get legendary companions.

The Premium Pass

The Premium Pass is a worthwhile investment for long-time Carrom Pool fans. When you purchase the Premium Pass, it gives you access to the Legendary Crest Chests, which contain the secret to unlocking Legendary Strikers. As you go through the Premium Pass levels, you’ll start to earn card points that are unique to every Legendary Striker. When you collect enough cards, a Legendary Striker will pop up in your stack!

Festival Offers Limited-Time Opportunities Not To Be Missed

Be on the lookout for special events and festivals such as Diwali and Eid. During this time Miniclip (developer of Carrom Pool) will release limited-time promotions featuring Legendary Striker at affordable prices. Legendary Strikers are often rare and not available through other channels. Therefore, they are highly sought after by collectors and competitive gamers.

A word of warning about third-party stores

The internet is full of tempting offers from fake stores claiming to carry Legendary Strikers. However, it’s important to be very cautious. Miniclip does have an official website that sells in-game items such as Strikers, Pucks, etc. However, some users have reported payment problems with this site. Go to unofficial stores at your own risk, as there’s a high chance that your account will be hacked or you’ll fall prey to scams.

The magical world of legendary pucks

While the Strikers may be the star of the show, legendary Pucks add an extra layer of customization and strategic edge to your game. Legendary Pucks have better looks and sometimes even affect the game’s physics. Here’s how to get Legendary Pucks:

The Premium Pass: A Double-Edged Sword

As mentioned above, the Premium pass gives you access to legendary Crest Chests, and while their main purpose is to get Legendary Strikers, they also have the potential to give you Legendary Pucks as well. With a bit of hard work and luck, you could find yourself with a Legendary Striker and a beautiful Legendary Puck in your arsenal, making an unbeatable combo on your Carrom board!

Event Rewards

Carrom Pool is known for its special events. There are always new challenges and rewards to be earned. If you make it to the top of the leaderboard and win one of these events, Legendary Pucks will be given to you as a reward. Be sure to check out the main Carrom Pool menu for upcoming events and work your way up to being one of the best performers to get these awesome Pucks!

Inferno, Precious, Kareem: Demystifying the Legendary Striker Showdown

There are so many great options out there in the world of Legendary Striker, and each one has its own unique strengths. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular Legendary Striker options and see what they can do.

The Undisputed Champion

The Inferno Striker is said to be one of the most powerful Carrom Pool Striker ever. It has the best of all three attributes, Force, Aim and Time. It’s the ultimate Striker for all Carrom Pool players, providing unrivalled power and pinpoint

Frequently Asked Question

There are several ways to obtain Legendary Striker from Carrom pool, the most common one is to purchase a Carrom Premium Pass or Premium Pass+ and then open the Legendary Crest Chest to collect card points to unlock the Legendary Striker. However, this is a very slow process. Another way to get legendary Striker is to purchase it once on a festival such as Diwali, Eid or Christmas.

Miniclip offers some unique Legendary Striker for purchase at a very high price such as 299 or 399 rupees. This is a very expensive price that not everyone can afford. However, we are now offering you the chance to purchase Legendary Striker directly in your id at the lowest price ever!

To obtain legendary pucks in the Carrom pool, we need to purchase premium passes monthly or complete events offers that are available on the Carrom main menu from time to time.

Unlocking pucks or strikers is a slow and tedious process. To obtain legendary pucks such as Eclipse, you can easily get it on the website from here.

Both are good Striker, Kareem Legendary vs. Legendary Legendary. However, due to the high demand, many players prefer Kareem Legendary over Legendary Striker in terms of power and stats. Therefore, Kareem Legendary Striker is considered to be a bigger Striker than Legendary Striker in comparison.

However, please keep in mind that both Striker are unique and beautiful in their own unique way and are one-off offers. If you want to build up your Striker collection, you can purchase both Striker in your id.

The most difficult Striker in the Karrom pool is the Inferno Legendary Striker because it is the strongest Striker in Karrom pool. It was a one-time offer from Miniclip. Those who bought this Striker are very happy because Miniclip accidentally gave it to us with the most power, the most aim, and the most time.

This had a huge effect because the Inferno Striker was the one that broke the puck setup.

The Diya striker is one of the best and most comfortable strikers that has been available in the Carrom pool for quite some time now. The first time it was available in the pool during the Diwali Festival, but it was a very limited offer.

The Diya Striker is always in high demand, and it will be available again in the next year during the festival season. You can check the website regularly to see if it will be available in the next year.

First, you can check the Available items from this page if you have purchased legendary Striker such as Kareem Striker, precious Striker, etc. listed here so that you can purchase the offer multiple times to Max it, or you can just contact us on WhatsApp to max legendary Striker in carrom pool.

You can also send us a WhatsApp message if you have any questions about the availability of more items.

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Carrom Pool is a website by Carrom Pool that provides some in-game items such as carrom pool striker, carrom pool pucks, or carrom pool trails for the Carrom pool game. However, the issue with Carrom Pool is that the Carrom Pool webshop does not work while making payments.

Due to this, the user gets frustrated and sometimes loses money. I prefer to use the Carrom Pool Shop by Tofan Gaming instead of Carrom Pool website as the Carrom Pool store offers the lowest price of coins, gems, and Carrom Pool strikers in Carrom Stool.


If you want to be the best in Carrom Pool especially using Legendary Striker and Pucks, you need to focus on the strategic gameplay enhancements offered by these items. Purchasing Legendary Striker & Pucks through Premium Pass, Special Events, and festival offers, not only increases the visual appeal but also significantly improves your gameplay strategy. Be aware of third-party scams and concentrate on official channels for purchasing. By learning how to use these improved game pieces and actively participating in special events, you can significantly increase your chances of dominating your Carrom board.

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