What is the Latest Version of Carrom Pool?

People get excited when new versions of the game are released.

In August 2023 Miniclip launched a major update to (Version 15. 1.0) to re-energize players. The aim of the update was to revive interest by adding new features and getting rid of annoying bugs. The update likely included new content, new game modes, new challenges, or new cosmetic options to keep the gameplay exciting.

Bug fixes would have made the game more stable and improved the overall user experience. It is important to update frequently with new features in online games and 8 Ball pool to keep the players engaged and one of the most popular board games on Android and iOS.

What is the Latest Version of Carrom Pool?

Carrom Pool v15.1.0 is a major update released by Miniclip on 31 August 2023. This update aims to revive the game and bring players back to the game. This update has a lot of trendy new features like exciting game modes, cosmetic options, etc.

The update also aims to improve communication by adding lots of chat features and more emojis. This makes social interaction in the game more interesting and fun. The look and feel are likely improved as well. The user interface is improved and the graphics are sharper.

Miniclip also seems to prioritize the gaming experience. This update seems to address bugs and smooth out the gameplay for a better overall gaming experience. These changes show Miniclip’s commitment to keeping one of the best mobile board games.

Which old version is better to think about?

While all updates are exciting, what stands out is the new Carrom Pass. This game-changing feature encourages you to log in every day and complete missions in order to unlock new rewards.

Whether it’s new chat options, gold coins, valuable gems, or even new strikers, the Pass keeps you engaged by giving you a sense of progress and success, encouraging you to keep coming back for more fun.

Is the apk version available for the latest version?

Carrom Pool has a lot of cool features across all the versions. However, some players get tempted by mods/hacks advertised online, like “Aim Carrom” or “LuLuBox. These tools promise great aim and easy winnings, but we strongly discourage them.

They give you an unfair advantage over honest players. Also, downloading mods/hacks often carries a security risk, and your device may be infected with malware. And if you use unauthorized modifications, your account may be banned from playing Carrom Pool or any other online game. So, don’t waste your time on these risky shortcuts.

Instead, focus on improving your aim & strategic thinking skills. There are lots of online tutorials & resources that can teach you valuable tips & tricks to improve your gameplay. Also, you can learn from other skilled players by watching their techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

India is where Carrom Pool was first created as a board game and is now a global game.

While preferences vary, Carrom Pool is often favored by strategic players.

The game has over 100 million downloads, according to Google Play Store data.

Discover the best way to download or update to the latest version.

Explore the exciting additions and changes in the newest Carrom Pool update.

Learn about obtaining and using the Carrom Pass, including rewards and missions.

Some might wonder if it’s okay to download Carrom Pool from websites outside of the official app stores, especially versions that claim to offer cheats.

Others might be interested in tips or tricks to improve their game skills in a fair way, like how to aim better or strategies for winning.

You might want to know if they can play previous versions of Carrom Pool and how to find them.


This article talks about Miniclip’s major update (v15.01.0) which was launched in August 2023. The update aims to revive player interest and improve the gaming experience. The update introduces a bunch of new features such as new game modes, new cosmetic options, better communication tools such as chat and emojis, and major bug fixes to keep the game stable. The update also introduces the Pass, which is designed to keep players engaged daily through missions and rewards to make them feel like they are achieving something.

The article talks about how important regular updates are in keeping an online game like Carrom Pool interesting for its audience which has crossed 100 million downloads. The article also talks about the game’s roots in India and its position as a preferred strategic game option. The article also highlights the need to avoid unauthorized mods or hacks and encourages fair play and improvement by practicing and learning from experienced players.

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